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Job Seekers

How do I search for a Job?

The search bar is on every page. Click on the Search bar at the top to search by Keyword and Zip Code. If you would like to see ALL of the job opportunities, leave the keyword blank, don't choose a category and click search.

How do I complete my Career Profile?


Click on the resume tab and complete the cover letter and text resume.

When you Apply for a job, your career profile will be sent to the employer.

How do I copy my text resume from Word?


Go to the Resume tab and create a new resume

In the toolbar, click on the clipboard with the blue W and insert the text.

You need to copy and paste your resume in there.

You can also copy from plain text by clicking on the clipboard with the black T.

If I am interested in a Job, what do I do?

Read the Job Posting thoroughly to understand the position.

Apply for the job via the link on the bottom of the job posting.

View your job applications in your Profile.

How do I update my information?


Click on My Account

Update the information for your account and click save.


How do I post a Job?

Create an Account


Click on "Post Job" and choose a Quick Post (less info) or Full Post (full info)

Fill out each section making sure the information is correct and detailed

Click "Post New Job" on the bottom of the page

Job will be available on the website after it has been reviewed which is usually within 24-48 hours.


How will potential Job seekers apply for our position?

Job seekers can apply to your job in 3 ways, which you can choose when you post a job. They can apply via the website, have the application sent to a specific email address, or you can forward them to your website to apply.


To see their application, please Log In to your profile. Click on "Applications"


How do I update our Company information?


Click on My Account

Edit the information you need to and click submit. Changes are made instantly.